Day 434: Rewards for the "Right" Views

Day 433: Subliminal Messages

Day 432: This is Why you Like that Stuff

Day 431: And This is How Brainwashing Begins

Day 430: My Wealth Makes the World a Better Place

Day 429: We Care about Your Health

Day 428: Violence is Never the Answer

Day 427: I Stand by my Political Affiliations

Day 426: Do you Love your Neighbour?

Day 425: The Nature of the Man

Day 424: What does this Mean for Us?

Day 423: My Dad is Dead

Day 422: What Could Have Been...

Day 421: My Life will be AMAZING

Day 420: I am Infallible, Invincible and Downright Amazing

Day 419: I Love Myself, I Hate Myself

Day 418: The Law of the Land

Day 417: Priming

Day 416: I am in CONTROL