Day 423: My Dad is Dead

My dad is dead. I felt safest around him. His presence enveloped me in a cocoon of safety, trust, honesty and silence. Now he is gone - at least in the physical sense. Who he is remains, integrated into this existence we are each a part of.

He taught me to question everything - from TV shows to words, relationships, people, my thoughts, my beliefs, my assumptions, the health system, the governments, education systems, politics, economic, psychology. He taught me how to look at this world in a way that is contrary to the norm. He taught me how to trust myself. He taught me how to talk to people. He taught me what real love is. He showed me what it is to sacrifice yourself for the good of all.

When he looked into your eyes, he saw all of you - even those thoughts you tried to hide. This made many people uncomfortable.

He challenged your self beliefs "Is this really who you are? That which you so strongly believe yourself to be?" Most could not bear to answer him.

He challenged your intentions "You say you care, so then live like you care - show you care. Stand and live by principles and a practical plan that will bring about change. Saying you care does not change the world."

He challenged your relationships "Why do you allow sexual thoughts of a person other than your partner? Do you realise what the consequences of this are?"

He challenged the world system and your trust in it "Why do you accept a system that does not care for each and every being? Why do you trust in a system that is based on exploitation and allows daily genocides?"

He challenged your commitments "Why are you not consistent? Why are you allowing yourself to only do the bare minimum?"

He was controversial - but only because what we already accept as being acceptable is so completely unacceptable that the only things we consider to be reasonable are abuse and inequality. Bernard demanded equality and so he was labelled as controversial.

He is not here to motivate us anymore - we must motivate ourselves.

He is not here to challenge our beliefs and what we accept and allow anymore - we must challenge ourselves.

He is not here to remind us to be patient anymore - we must give ourselves patience.

He is not here to quiet our thoughts anymore - we must quiet our own thoughts.

He is not here to resolve our petty conflicts anymore - we must stand in stability with others and breathe through our reactions, not allow words coming from emotions.

I commit myself to walk this path I have chosen. I commit myself to stand by the principles that are best for all. I shall not waiver.


  1. Thx for sharing Cerise, you are strong

  2. Here, standing with you Cerise - thanks for this

  3. Thank You Cerise for sharing these realisations that many of us had with Bernard. I remember to feel uncomfortable when I first met him in person, which was a direct consequence of seeing my own self-judgments in real time!
    I realise that Bernard became like a father/example to many of us, which is the proof that we can/are all One-Unity, responsible for loving thy neighbor as themselves and coexisting as equals, as Bernard stood towards all of us.

  4. Thank you Cerise, many words to live by and stand by here. Walking with you.

  5. Thank you, Cerise, for Standing within and as the simplicity of the Equality Equation in which your Dad stood for All of Life/Existence: 1+1+1...

  6. I commit myself to walk myself out of my mind and bring about a world that is best for all. I commit myself to support those who chose to walk into oneness, as I am supporting myself. I commit myself to dedicate myself in every way and all of the time, in practical application, to make a world of equality a reality.

  7. R.I.P my condolences to the family. Such an inspiring man he was and will remain for many years to come..

  8. Thanks for being an example of strenght, simplicity and stability that I read through your words.

  9. Thank you Cerise!
    I enjoy your expression, grateful here!

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  11. Although Bernard is no longer in the physical, the inspiration's of his sharing and awareness is!

    Thank you Bernard, as well as those @ Desteni for all that has been given so supportively to each of us.

    I stand, to carry on Bernard's gift's of awareness, and take the responsibility for all that which is here, walking as all as one as equal to create heaven on earth for all until it is done!

    Rene' Gerard -

  12. Me uno a todos los que te envian condolencias, que sea un motivo para agradecer a ti como hija y a Leslie por todo lo que son junto a su padre y ser herederos de su impetu, de su empuje;de sus palabras como tambien nosotros somos sus herederos; se muy bien lo que es tener que dejar ir un ser querido. Pero desde que conozco desteni, me ha sido mas facil dejar ir a los ultimos que han partido. Un abrazo fuerte en unicidad e igualdad .


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