Day 426: Do you Love your Neighbour?

I have two questions for each and every person reading this:

  1. Would you want to be guaranteed your survival - a decent and comfortable life? Would you want this to be guaranteed to your children?
  2. Would you still want this if it meant that every other person in the world was given the same guarantee?
If your answer to the 2nd question was no, then you have some serious soul searching to do. What changes in these 2 scenarios, that one might answer "yes" to the first but "no" to the second? Why would we not want to give to our fellow man that which we wish for ourselves? An interesting twist, to say the least.

Or perceptions of "worth" and "worthiness" is so warped that we cannot even wish for another person whom we do not know, or do not love, a decent life - the kind of life we would want for ourselves and for our children. Why do we scorn others with this vile hatred, this unforgiving spitefulness? This is what we are doing - do not fool yourself. Every day we justify the minimum wage, every day we justify low-cost housing, every day we justify the poverty line, every day we justify inadequate nutrition. Every day that we wake up and think to ourselves "What a wonderful life." we are making a statement that it is acceptable to be homeless, hungry and hopeless.

Every day that we justify this world system - our economic system, government corruption, educational inefficiency, government inability - we are imposing upon millions of humans the kinds of lives we would not want to experience. Every time we listen to the news and hear about some wage negotiations and think that the employees should just take what little raise the company is offering, we are imposing a particular lifestyle on those employees - whatever lifestyle they can afford. Every time that we debate the morality of the minimum wage without a practical understanding of what it is to actually live on the minimum wage, we are imposing a lifestyle on people which we would not want for ourselves or for our children.

So I ask you again: If you had the choice to live with the guarantee of the fulfillment of all of your basic needs to live a comfortable life, but the cost of choosing this would be that everyone else received the same guarantee - would you take it? Or would you choose to impose slavery on other living beings. Slavery is what our current system is imposing on billions of humans and animals - In the old days the master (the one with money) would provide you with a place to sleep and food to eat, all that has changed is that the master now provides you with money for you to, if it's even enough, but a place to sleep and food to eat. A huge portion of humanity lives on the minimum wage - this is slavery. All these people do is work themselves to the bone just to scrape by. This is abuse. This is exploitation. The rich exploit the poor so that the rich may continue their lifestyles. This is unacceptable.

Investigate Living Income Guaranteed - to guarantee the comfort of all humans - and thus also all of the world.