Day 418: The Law of the Land

This is a continuation from my 2 previous posts: Days 416 & 417 - Please read at least the first one for a basic foundation of today's post.

So, according to my book on Social Psychology, schemas are pretty hard to get rid of. Resistant to change. The perseverance effect is what it is called - meaning that schemas will remain unchanged even in the face of contradictory information. Racism is a good example - it makes no logical sense, but is a prevalent state of mind simply because it was learned by children and adults through example.

What does this imply about us? That we have no self control? That we have no self awareness? That we are pre-programmed? That we have no control over our lives? That we have no self discipline? That we are slaves to our natures?

On the topic of human nature: do our schemas determine our natures, or do our natures determine our schemas?

So, we do not choose this life (ie we did not choose to be born); we do not choose our parents; we apparently do not choose our natures; we apparently do not choose our schemas; and we apparently are practically incapable of letting go of any established schema. Well, what the hell is the point of living, if all we are are predesigned machines with no real free choice? Do not fool yourself - if we are unable to choose even who we are as the thoughts we have, then we do not truly have free choice. Would you accuse a prisoner of having free choice? Maybe insofar as the limits of the prison walls and routine allows, a prisoner has free choice - but no more. So if we are living according to schemas and all sorts of things over which we have absolutely no control - and these things are actively influencing and determining our very thoughts, feelings, experiences and actions - then can we truly claim to have free choice? We are each effectively brainwashed to be who we are, brainwashed from a lifetime of receiving and integrating inputs from the people around us, to such an extent that we cannot comprehend any kind of scenario that falls outside of our brainwashing parameters - this most certainly does not indicate that free choice is possible.

Essentially, we have absolutely no control over our lives. We all go through our days thinking we are the cat's pajamas - that at least within our own selves, our word is law. But now if our words are not truly our own we cannot claim to be the lawmaker, only a figurehead with no real power. We play at being kings and queens, but we have no real understanding of how our castles (bodies) or countries or planet functions. We may as well be children running around with wooden broomsticks, pretending that they are our noble steeds.

The real directors of our lives are the schemas that we are living according to. Now how does that make you feel?