Day 1205: I was just doing what They Told me to do

Day 1204: When you Realize your Nasty Thoughts were about you

Day 1203: Compromise

Day 1202: Self Change, the Equality Equation and World Change

Day 1201: Regret, Shame and Self Honesty

Day 1200: Learning to Teach

Day 1199: Follow Through

Day 1198: I Command Thee to Choose what I Tell You to

Day 1197: A Particular Pattern

Day 1196: Are You Actually Aware?

Day 1195: Unconditional Care

Day 1194: Expectations vs Reality

Day 1193: Living in Blindness

Day 1192: Asking the Hard Questions

Day 1191: Share the Care

Day 1190: The Differences in Calm

Day 1189: Oops! I took it Personally

Day 1188: Finding my Voice

Day 1187: Face Your Creation

Day 1186: Self Forgiveness

Day 1185: The Biggest Moment of my Life