Day 1186: Self Forgiveness

Self forgiveness - for giving yourself a new moment.


  1. It looks to me like u focus more on self-corrective action in this video, to an extent. But self-forgiveness IS also an EXPERIENCE from the perspective that one does EXPERIENCE a RELEASE when one applies self-forgiveness, isn't it? One allows oneself to let that energy go and releases it. So one does EXPERIENCE a release. Which obviously comes with self corrective action. Right?

  2. Here you must be specific in your definitions of words - I am defining "experience" as an emotional or feeling experience, but of course you can also experience experiences without emotions or feelings. Yes, some do experience a release / letting go - but when the moment comes where the pattern you have forgiven triggers again, that release means nothing - you must live the correction without holding on to the past. Forgiving yourself is being willing and able to let go of the past to give yourself a new moment. In the end - these are points for each person to test for themselves - so that is, in the end, my strongest recommendation: find out for yourself.


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