Day 974: I Feel so Alone in a Crowded Room

Day 973: It's All About Who You Are

Day 972: Separating Emotions from Information

Day 971: My Path Today

Day 970: Creating Discipline in Me

Day 969: Then and Now: The Road to Desteni

Day 968: If You Keep Doing What You've Always Done...

Day 967: The Slow Death of Thinking

Day 966: Words Create Our World

Day 965: The Irrational Design of Judgement

Day 964: Ice-O-Lation

Day 963: Swinging Between Dominance and Submission

Day 962: I Can't Stand Their Experience!

Day 961: Avoid Like the Plague

Day 960: I am Not Good Enough

Day 959: Apocalypse Please

Day 958: Are You Willing to Forgive the Worst?

Day 957: Fear is the Mind Killer

Day 956: Relationship Success Support: Moving In Together

Day 955: Necessities vs Luxuries

Day 954: The Basics of Budgeting

Day 953: Hostage to the Past

Day 952: Easy Peasy Self Dishonesty

Day 951: Why Am I Who I Am

Day 950: A Fresh Start

Day 949: Commitment

Day 948: And My Resolution Is...