Day 920: How do You Respond?

Day 919: Are You Certain?

Day 918: I'm Just Me and You're Just You

Day 917: The Limitations and Restrictions of Gender Roles

Day 916: Your Body's Gift

Day 915: Singular Perception Disorder

Day 914: Not Enough

Day 913: Not in Control

Day 912: Usury and the Evil in Humanity

Day 911: See the World with Fresh Eyes

Day 910: Secret Money Movements

Day 909: Is TTIP the Beginning of the End?

Day 908: Who am I?

Day 907: Preference vs Practicality

Day 906: MISunderstanding

Day 905: Excuses, Excuses

Day 904: Attacking vs Sharing

Day 903: Conflict of Priorities

Day 902: Preaching to the Deaf

Day 901: I am Insignificant

Day 900: The Correction Tools

Day 899: Can I Take it Back?

Day 898: The True Nature of Life

Day 897: Transforming Judgement into Understanding

Day 896: Why is it So Difficult to Ask for Help?

Day 895: Relationship Success Support: Exploring the Role of the "Happy Housewife"

Day 894: Investigate All Things

Day 893: Who You Gonna Trust

Day 892: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Day 891: Oops I Let My Emotions Direct Me