Day 1323: I... Will... Not... Submit! Oh Crap I just Did

Ladies, it's time to #getreal with how we become submissive mice when we're in a relationship, even though we're usually strong and independent in other contexts. Do you dare to get real with yourself..?


  1. Thanks for the support
    And I find in a way, it's weird that we are even attracted to another, certain types, where our attraction to them compromises us lol

  2. I sometimes mention to female friends that I would find it terrifying to be a 60kg size man, let alone a female who are less muscle bound in their biological design. This is not to assume that size/mass/brute force is any real way to stand up for ourselves in this world, but early on in the schoolyard I learned that it was a violent dog eat dog world, that I was a man, and how human beings use size/power/brute force to get things done. Even when we do not use our physical bodies, we find other ways to use the same kind of essential force. I could see this tendency being rooted in the ways that we are conditioned to get things done in this reality, as I could see that if I was in a position where I did not have any tools to use to my advantage in this game, I would naturally take on this submissive role of "don't even go there/don't even try"


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