Day 1133: Video Challenge Day 14: Destroyers or Guardians

As the "dominant species" on earth, we as humanity have the ability to shape and influence most of the lives around us. Nature is one of those things and unfortunately, nature is not as beautiful or magical as we often believe. Sometimes we have the opportunity to step in and support nature into a better expression of balance.


  1. I agree with this point, I saw the pic on Instagram and of course the initial reaction is like wtf? lol but upon reading the reasons, I realized it makes sense and have seen the same happen around here, in any case I have pondered why do we plant trees on sidewalks where they grow to compromise the electricity cables, or vice-versa, why don't we create other electricity systems that can go underground and allow trees to freely grow...

    However, in any case I agree with the resolution: best to plant new trees in spaces where there are no buildings around, so giving both sides - human and nature - their space.

    I'd answer to the question that we have probably conditioned nature by now to act same as humans, but surely can't be certain of it either.

    Very cool to see your expression blooming C! Enjoyable for you and for oneself as well :)


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