Day 1097: Violence Within becomes Violence Without

We're a rather violent species. When we get frustrated or angry we tend to lash out and try to beat the offender of our good sensibilities into submission. If it's an animal, we may physically beat them (stupid dog, shouldn't have done that, you were asking for it!). If it's another person we may imagine punching them in their stupid faces (stop being a dick). But in the end, that violence within us becomes part of the reason that we are so willing to accept the violence we see in the world around us. If we are violent we better be ok with the violence around us, or else we may be forced to re-evaluate ourselves. So, we tell ourselves that violence is just a natural part of the human condition, it's normal to have outbursts (If you don't be quiet this INSTANT I will leave you on the side of the road!). Violence is natural... Or is it?

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