Day 1087: Forcing Change

We all know that trying to force things to go the way you want often ends up doing more harm than good, but it is still our most common response to situations that are not going our way. In order to truly get to a point where people and things are moving smoothly and effectively you have to allow for that element of exploration, personal experience and understanding.

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  1. I agree that people must come to their own conclusions. I disagree with 'letting them go their way (all the time)', I was grateful when Bernard blew my mind with challenging my idea of society, what being human means. I think the same can be said with others. With insight, call it, into a topic, a topic that a person does not understand and so is confused, I have a responsibility then to do everything in my power to get them to decide. Once the decision is made though, I agree from the perspective that I must let go of the outcome. I am just one human being; she is just another one human being.


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