Day 900: The Correction Tools

In the second course of DIP Pro (Structural Resonance Alignment 2 - SRA 2) you learn how to create a Mind Construct. Mind constructs show you how you got to be who you are and how you got to having the experiences you had. You start to see the patterns in your mind and therefor the patterns in your life, manifesting in your experiences over and over again.

Not surprisingly, mind constructs are one of the tools that people (generally speaking) have the most resistance toward doing. The most common experience is not feeling like working on their mind construct, which leads to some not giving this gift to themselves effectively. Obviously most of us go through phases where things like this don't seem very important, which contributes to us dragging our feet, yet there comes a moment when you realise that you don't know who the hell you are and how the hell you got here. There comes a moment that you get tired of having the same experiences repeating over and over again in your life and not being able to stop them. When you have this moment, you can really stand within the commitment of supporting yourself through a task like a mind construct. Another consideration is that we don't have to wait for such a moment of realisation to HAPPEN to us - we can CREATE it by gradually doing more and more within the realisation that nothing will change unless we create the change. Resistance is something that we all will continue to face in different ways and, quite simply put, the only way through is through.

So Mind Constructs give you the information of how you got to where you are, which particular thought patterns recur within you, which emotional experiences recur within you, which feeling experiences recur within you. They are like a map, plotting all the landmarks and paths that represent your mind, memories and experiences.

In SRA 3 you start delving into deeper dimensions of the patterns of who you have allowed yourself to be and what you have allowed yourself to participate in. You start investigating the positive and negative polarities that influence your choices and some of the different characters you have created within your personality.

In SRA 4 you get to the investigation of CREATION - you start to investigate how you actually participated in the creation of every single experience you've ever had. This is where you are challenged to really live your corrections. There is a tendency within people to think (often not consciously!) that forgiveness (or self forgiveness) is a free pass to be able to "sin" however much they like. Let's say you forgive yourself for participating within a specific thought, yet your correction is not lived and you then will simply "fall back" into the thought the next time it pops up again, requiring that you then forgive yourself again. This can cycle on indefinitely. Obviously it entirely misses the point of self forgiveness. Self forgiveness is only real when you LIVE the correction, otherwise it's just another excuse to be an asshole. So here the focus is on living your corrections - stopping the thoughts and experiences in real time.

Is that not the gift you would like to give to yourself?