Day 888: The Question of Creation

This post follows up on my previous post - you will need to read it for context.

We have established that we are the creators of our life experiences and the world around us - but how do we ensure that we are actually creating what we intend to? It is so seldom that we can see every single ripple that is created from one action, we do not always see all the information that may be relevant in any given scenario and furthermore, we are in a sense working against our own minds that do not always have the same intentions we have.

So this is an example of how intentions mean nothing - action is what counts. We may intend to create one thing, but because we do not yet effectively see or understand our creation or how to manifest it, our actions and words may have unintended consequences.

Part of developing your deliberate awareness includes investigating and checking the actual effects of your words and actions - if you are at any point assuming or believing that everything you're doing is having the exact effect you want without consequence then you need to pause for a moment and ground yourself again. There is no room for allowing the belief that you are infallible in your standing. Having the intention to live specific principles or intentions does not automatically make you immune to making mistakes, misunderstanding/misinterpreting information or effecting other beings' lives in a way that you didn't intend.

It takes time to develop the skills and awareness required to see the full effects of your creation. Getting there requires that you are both humble and unremitting in your assessing of yourself and your actual creation. Always accept the possibility that you are wrong - it is so easy to fall into the trap of righteousness. What is righteousness? It is when you believe that you are right and are unwilling to consider otherwise - this can have the consequences of making choices and acting on them without having all the relevant information - and often when righteousness is involved, so is a (usually powerful) emotional experience. Living any kind of action while in emotional reaction will almost guarantee unintended consequences. When you are in reaction you miss things, you misunderstand, you rush, you judge, you act harshly, you do not consider all paths and factors involved.

Solution? Question everything you think, speak and do. Make no assumptions. The moment you feel strongly about any one thing, STOP and investigate - it may very well be an opinion you are holding onto. Do not fear being wrong - there is nothing wrong with being wrong - it will not diminish who you are. Mistakes are a part of life - accept that they will happen and make sure you learn from them when they do. Develop effective ways of assessing your creation - create a system where you can receive feedback in order to check that it is creating as you planned.

Make sure you know exactly what you are actually creating, not what you want to be creating.