Day 887: Deliberate Awareness

This is an excerpt from a discussion I had recently, I am including only my words in such a way that it makes sense to you.

Have you ever had a moment where you KNOW that there is a pattern that you are living, yet your awareness of the pattern is limited in terms of you not being aware of when it activates in your day to day life? It feels like it's so much a part of you that you don't know how to stop it? You tend to only see after the damage is done.

Usually it gets to a point where your accumulated consequences are so severe that you know that you must face and direct the point (pattern/design/part of you) or risk destroying yourself, whether now or in the future. So the question is: how do you change a part of you that seems so ingrained that you can't see a way out?

There is a word that comes up when I look at this point: Deliberate - as in being deliberately aware in every moment. There are simply very few people who walk with the absolute awareness so that they catch their patterns as they activate. The key is awareness - if you are not aware of who you are and what you are creating in that moment, you will feel like you have no control.

Every single thing we do has an effect, it ripples out, so we must consider: where are we allowing ourselves to slip in being HERE, in being aware of EXACTLY what we are creating? Because that is exactly what we are doing with our ripples - we are CREATING.

as you have / will see in Desteni I Process - we are all always creating our selves, our life experiences, and the effects we see around us. Everything we do has the effect of creation.

What am I creating?
How will these words shape my creation?
How will this action shape my creation?
How will this thought shape the creation of who I am?
What are the consequences of what I am creating?

This is the DELIBERATE awareness of creation that is required - and deliberate means that we will walk a process of checking ourselves, asking ourselves those questions of creation. We are dealing with the Law of Creation - and that law is that everything has an effect - just like in the Matrix: action - reaction, Cause - effect.

How do we use this understanding of creation to change these patterns we get stuck on? These patterns tend to show themselves more in our living application, rather than in our conscious thoughts, so there are not necessarily thoughts that you can flag for yourself.

BUT - you can flag living application.

You can check your awareness - AM I HERE?  And as always it is important not to become lost in the experience,not to get caught up in the beliefs and self definitions that come hand in hand with the experience. We must be able to take a step back and look at the pattern for what it is and not define ourselves within and as it.

Deliberate awareness requires deliberate action and deliberate action requires discipline. This brings us to a question: what is discipline?

When you are facing a moment of choice in real time - what defines discipline? What does degree of difficulty have to do with making a choice? Does the fact that making or not making a choice was difficult justify you choosing to avoid discipline? We so easily will justify ourselves by saying that something is difficult - yes, we will face some seriously tough stuff and yes, we will make mistakes and fall - but to justify ourselves means that we are avoiding taking responsibility.

If we make a mistake or fall, we must see our creation and responsibility within that moment - there is no space for justification in that - it is simply "I see how I created this outcome and I commit to learn from it", no self judgement, no emotion - you are simply seeing your creation.

How was I so unaware?
How did I miss so many moments of seeing my creation?
Why am I only seeing my creation now that it is done and I cannot change it?

These are experiences none of us want to face again. There is a solution - and yes, it will have many difficult moments and yes, each of us may fall many times BUT - keep the focus on solutions, keep it on your breathe HERE and being deliberate in every thought, action, word.

The most common point that people fall in is the point of getting lost in an experience. When the experience is the tornado and you are whirling around in there with all the thoughts and emotions - there is no way you're going to be able to see anything with clarity. When we are lost in an experience we must STOP, take a step back and stand in the eye of the storm, in the center where all is calm. Move from a point of stability, deliberateness.

Seeing the pattern for what it is, and not seeing it from within your experience in it, not defining yourself within the experience, but seeing and realising that the experience is part of a pattern, a design that is not WHO YOU ARE - it is simply a program that you lost yourself in for a moment. We are the tornados simply because we accept and allow ourselves to be.

We are breathing life into our creation - we better make sure that we are creating what is best for all