Day 872: What do You Look Forward to?

These days most of us live with a degree of uncertainty. We are uncertain of our future. We do not always know where we stand. We are uncertain of our survival, never mind the possibility of thriving. Everything we have can be taken away by any number of unpredictable and unpleasant events. The possibility of death exists everywhere and at all times.

There are many people who live with the knowledge that not even their livelihood is certain. There are many jobs that simply do not provide long term security and there are many also that fail and can no longer provide employment. This is a fact that everyone lives with - because not only can these things affect us personally, but when one person loses their income then they are no longer able to financially support all of those individuals and businesses that they supported when they had that income.

Every time one person is disempowered it has a ripple effect out into their community, which then ripples out into the larger community - it may have a much smaller effect, but eventually all of those tiny effects add up...

No one should have to live with the knowledge that tomorrow they may not be able to buy food, pay their bills or support their family - and yet it seems like majority of people live with this fear. We all complain that the system is broken, yet WE MADE IT THIS WAY and continue to support it. If we do not ask questions of why the hell we're still living this way then the reality is that this is simply how we will continue to exist - from paycheck to paycheck, never 100% sure that you'll get your paycheck next month.

We are all at each other's mercy. We are all begging each other to continue allowing us to survive. "Please buy this so that I may feed my family", "please hire me so that I may have a roof over my head". Is it a lack of compassion and empathy that has brought us to this point? Do we simply not care for each other enough to be able to freely give the peace of mind that no matter what, your survival is guaranteed - survival including healthy food, safe and comfortable home, comprehensive healthcare, clean water, education... Is that not what you would like to be guaranteed in your life and in the lives of your children?

We already know the destination of this path we are on, yet knowing that is not enough to change, not everyone at least. Maybe if we see the possibilities that emerge from changing, maybe that will finally give humanity enough motivation to actually do something to create the best possible future.

I look forward toward a world in which no one ever has to fear not having enough. I look forward toward a world where all animals are cared for and respected, even if that means allowing them space to live their lives free of human interruptions. I look forward toward a world in which no one need fear for the safety of their children. I look forward toward a world where everyone knows exactly how to design and create who they want to be, what they want to experience and the life they want to create. I look forward toward a world where there is no spite, pettiness, hatred, blame or jealousy. I look forward toward a world in which all of the children are given the opportunity to develop themselves into their utmost potential. I look forward toward Heaven on Earth. What do you look forward to?