Day 674: Give Meaning To Your Life

What gives your life meaning? Is it happiness? A family? Achievements? Work?

Is that truly how you want to give your life meaning? Is your life as meaningful as you want it to be? Have you given yourself a purpose?

So much of the way we live is about self enrichment, self fulfillment, self enlightenment - but is this truly a fulfilling lifestyle? Do these things give us the meaning we so desperately crave?

When you talk to your girlfriends about that cute guy you saw, are you sharing the meaningful parts of yourself?

When you go on a shopping spree to keep up with the latest trends, are you contributing to the development and improvement of society in more than an economic sense?

When you hang out with friends and get drunk or high in all your spare time, are you creating the life you want for yourself, a life that will contribute to the betterment of life on earth?

When you spend every night in front of the TV for hours, are you investigating what meaning you can give your life?

Meaning is something that you must give yourself - you must create a life that will be meaningful. If you are obsessed within your search for meaning then you will not be creating it. Meaning is not something that "happens" to you, or is given to you - it is something that can only come about from you actually moving yourself and directing your life with the goal of manifesting it.

There is so much in this world and in our lives that holds no purpose other than self interest. There are so many things that make no real sense. There is so much pain that could have been avoided. Much of this comes from people who gave their lives meaning - but the meaning they created was meaning only for themselves with no regard for the lives and value of other beings. This abuse of life can be seen everywhere, where the meaning of self interest destroys the opportunities for others to stand up and be the creators of their lives.

The meaning of self interest has become more important than the meaning of life. Those people who had enough willpower to move themselves to give their lives meaning ended up being predominantly the people who were most willing to abuse others in the pursuit of that meaning. Imagine if we all were to give our lives the kind of meaning that would support others, care about them, be honest with them, share ourselves with them, consider them, improve on our society?

What is meaning if not the principles and ideals you hold manifest? If you do nothing to create your meaning then you have no meaning. Intentions mean nothing.