Day 644: One Small Step at a Time

In this TED Talk BJ Fogg discusses different ways that you can support yourself to change your behaviour. The idea he shares is based on the very common experience where you try to change something about your behaviour, but you try to change it completely and all at once. This is generally something that people are not well equipped to do as it requires a high level of discipline. So, what BJ Fogg suggests is that you start by changing one tiny habit at a time.

This technique is one that could work for many people and support them in ch
anging their lives. As always, it's not absolutely the only thing that can ever work, but each person can test it for themselves and see if it works for them.

The point of "celebrating" your achievement may have some hidden consequences, what I mean by this is that if/when that point of celebration is no longer there you may no longer feel motivated enough to do the thing anymore. Essentially you become dependent on the good feeling you get from congratulating yourself.

I know that this is woefully short and incomplete, but I am going to have to finish it in the next post...