Day 603: We're All in This Together

Lately a lot of people have been pointing fingers at governments, saying that they must be the ones to bring about climate change - now while members of our governments should be acting in the best interests of the people and planet and they should be the ones spearheading the implementation of solutions (how about just the prevention of problems, present and future) - we are in fact all equally responsible for this world and life we share.

Every moment that we accept things the way they are and do not demand chang
e, we are basically voting for things to carry on going the way they're going. Sure, there are people who protest and who talk about change, but the reality is that not enough people care enough to make any real impact. The other side of the coin is that those people who promote change do not always look at the bigger picture and investigate what the cause of global problems is - they address only some of the symptoms. Let's take pollution from factories as an example - yes, pollution is a problem, but the cause of it is that the businesses running the factories are functioning on the principle that profit is more important than anything else and so do as much as possible to minimise expenses and increase profits, even if that means cutting a few corners and using supplies coming from disreputable sources (for example).

now I'm not saying that people should stop participating in the system and go live in a cave - that won't do anyone any good. What must happen is that we need to start investigating for ourselves why the world is the way it is so that we can develop and support sustainable solutions that address the cause of the problems instead of just the symptoms. We need to stop trusting every word coming from the news, or from this or that scientist, or from the government. We must look and think critically for ourselves at the world so that we can work towards seeing the whole picture.

Part of the problem is that so many people are simply content to accept the world the way it is and to accept the words of others as truth without investigating (or even thinking about it critically) for themselves. Part of the problem is that so many people will only act on a problem once they are personally affected. Part of the problem is that people do not have any real compassion for others, especially when they do not know them personally (Imagine if it was Johnny Depp who was affected by some terrible event - how many people would be moved enough to help him compared to helping out the people living on some remote island after a hurricane, or helping the people living in poverty in any one of the countries in the world).

We cannot leave everything up to the governments - they are not worthy of our faith, nor are they worthy of out trust. We must take responsibility for this world we share, no matter who we are or where we come from. We must take it upon ourselves to investigate the problems so that we can determine what solutions would be best suited. Within all of this we need to embody that same compassion and integrity we wish we saw in each other - we need to live as examples so that we can show each other what true love and humanity is. We must refocus our lives and businesses to promote the creation of the world we want to live in, as well as to nurture and care for the planet and the creatures with whom we share this life.