Day 570: Are You Scared Yet?

There is a lot going on in the world right now, although it probably doesn't seem like it as you sit comfortably in your home. Sure, the news sources mention some conflict from some corner of the world now and then, dropping words like "crisis" and "deadly". It's likely that those words don't elicit the same feelings in you as they would have if it was 50 or 100 years ago. Now we hear these words daily, right alongside the latest fashions from the most popular icons of the minute.

It can be hard to break out of that protective haze you're in, the one that keeps you from thinking about how life on earth could deteriorate into a state of disaster at any moment. The thing is, once you start asking the relevant questions it's hard to stop.

There is so much conflict happening in this moment, most of it linked back to everyone believing that they are right and that others are wrong. Apparently the best way to prove your rightness is to try and force the "others" into submission, to force "them" into agreeing with your beliefs. Sometimes it's about religion, sometimes race, sometimes politics and sometimes resources. There are plenty of reasons in between, but most of them boil down to a few radical and/or powerful individuals having a stand off of who's got the biggest ego.

These are just a few recent stories. The level of conflict going on right now on a global scale is comparable to World Wars 1 & 2. Refugees are fleeing their homelands by the millions. Citizens are the ones who pay the highest price.

The other side of the mess has the looming threat of antibiotics no longer working effectively, which does not bode well if you consider how much more often people seem to be getting sick and in greater numbers. This links in with the changing weather patterns creating more habitable environments for viruses along with the whole more droughts, more rains, more tornadoes, bigger tornadoes, bigger hurricanes etc etc thing.

Oh right and then there's the whole "economic crisis" - as if we didn't screw our lives up enough, now we have to create even more misery with our imaginary economy driving people into poverty. Yay.

Humanity has had a hand in all of these things. We have been the driving force moving this whole planet towards mutual destruction. Have we reached a point where we have had enough and are ready to change? I really hope so. As long as people continue being willing to do terrible things, terrible things will happen. Sadly we are the beginning and end of the way life on earth is - we made life the way it is, we keep it this way and only we can change it. Or aliens, but let's face it - what intelligent alien race would want to dip their toe(s) into our murky waters? Their toe(s) would probably melt off.