Day 548: Exposing Ag-Gag

Ag-gag is a term used for a variety of anti-whistleblower laws in the United States of America. In Utah and Iowa, the recording of undercover videos showing animal cruelty in farming practices is now illegal.[1] Reporters have noted that some of these laws (in particular, Pennsylvania's pending bill) could also be used to criminalize anti-fracking activists, or those who protest the drilling of shale oil and gas using hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" technique.[2] The term "ag gag" for the laws was coined by Mark Bittman in an April 2011 New York Times column.[3]

How beautiful of an example of the power of lobbying is this law and the evidence that the judicial system can be bought?

Whose rights are protected by it? The corporations.

Who are the primary lobbyists? The corporations.

The big guns with the big bucks. Those are the people who run the world. You think your rights are respected by anyone when there is money involved? You think your rights are respected at all? Soon we will be like the animals in labs and farms being fattened up for slaughter or poked and prodded for the advancement of "science" - and no one will be able to expose the abuse because it would violate the rights of the business.

Why is it that the very best people in this world, the most compassionate, are being targeted and called terrorists for demanding a better way of life for all of the life on this planet (and not just the rich and famous)? One thing you can pretty much count on in this world is that if you are trying to protest abuse or promote a good solution, you are going to be labeled as a fanatic of some sort.

The Ag-Gag shows you exactly where the priorities of the big corporations are (and therefore where the priorities of the governments are). Their priorities are not in openness and accountability, but in secrecy and cover ups. What they do in the name of profit is quite simply torture - and they are willing to destroy anyone or anything standing in their way.

Profit is GOD. Profit comes before decency. Profit comes before respect. Profit comes before basic rights to life. Profit comes before compassion. Profit comes before consideration. Profit comes before ALL in this world. Obviously this is something that needs to change. This world could be a creation that we could be proud of. Yes, there will be sacrifices - there are many things that we have grown accustomed to that are sources from abusive or immoral activities. A small price to pay for heaven on earth.


  1. Well written and impactful. Thanks for the coverage and perspective.


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