Day 430: My Wealth Makes the World a Better Place

Deanna Mulligan

"The way I've thought about my entire career is: 'Am I working on something interesting today? Is what I'm working on impactful to the broader society in some way?' If so, yes, I'll keep doing it," Guardian Life Insurance CEO Mulligan told CNN.

It's interesting how we justify the inequality in our society. The rich work hard for their money, and because of this, they need slightly less intelligent people to do things for them, like make their food, fix their TV's, wash their cars. If there weren't any poor people, then the rich people would have to do all those unpleasant chores themselves.

Here's a neat quote from episode 10, season 2 of South Park:

Kyle: Well how come Kenny's family eats frozen waffles for dinner and has rats on the floor, and we have a big house and lots of food?
Gerald: Well, because Kenny's family doesn't have as much money as we do.
Kyle: But why? If they're hungry and poor, why don't we just always give them half of our food?
Gerald: Ha ha ha ha ha! Ooh-ho boy, have you got a lot to learn! Sit down, son. [Gerald sits and motions for Kyle to sit on his lap] You see, Kyle, we humans work as a society, and in order for a society to thrive, we need gods, and clods.
Kyle: Gods and clods?
Gerald: Yes. You see, I spent a lot of time going to law school, and I was able to go because I have a slightly higher intellect than others. But I still need people to pump my gas, and make my French fries, and fix my laundry machine when it breaks down.
Kyle: Oooohh, I see. Gods and clods!
Gerald: That's right. So Kenny's family is happy just the way they are, and we're all a functioning part of America.

Everyone wants to be a "god", but the way that the system was set up allows for only a part of the population to hold that title - the rest are "clods". The rich people like to think that the poor people "are happy where they are", not actually putting themselves in the shoes of those poor people. They will, however, give lots of money to charities who claim to be doing "lots of stuff" to improve the lives of this or that disenfranchised group... But if we just take a look around, we will not see any actual changes. Charities have been around for generations, but none of them have taken the initiative to even look at the cause of the current state of society being as it is. Charities are focused on providing aid to "relieve the symptoms" of our f***ked-up society - but no more than that.

So now, those people who have money live like they are, through their wealth, allowing other people to exist and "make a living" - even though it is not enough to allow for what any of us would call "living" - rather call it "surviving". The poor should be grateful to the rich for giving them these jobs. If the rich weren't rich, then there would be no jobs for anyone. Because that makes sense.


  1. "The rich work hard for their money, and because of this, they need slightly less intelligent people to do things for them"


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