Day 372: A Testament to our Society - Mother spends 20,000 Pounds on designer clothing for her son by the time he is 8 years old - Boy is killed while trying to protect his new iPad in mugging - Woman claims she is too attractive to work, now lives off wealthy parents - Woman is obsessed with sunbathing to look like Barbie

These four articles may seem random, but each one of them attests to the nature of our society.

We have the creativity to design and develop things which seem impossible, yet we will not use it to really improve life on earth on a large scale.

We have the dedication to commit all of ourselves to one idea, but that idea will never be creating heaven on earth.

We have the wits to make others believe completely unrealistic and unfounded statements, but we will not commit our wits in service to honesty.

We have the motivation to complete the most daunting missions, but never in service to developing a world that gives everyone the opportunity to develop themselves.

We claim to have the capacity to love and light into infinity, but apparently it's not enough for anyone outside our immediate circle of exposure.

We have the compassion to rescue other beings from certain death, but not enough to recognise that we must address the cause of the massive suffering and not just the consequences.

We have the drive to dominate the entire planet but not to manifest a balance that ensures the continued existence of life on earth.

We possess the innovation to find new ways to kill each other, but not to help each other.

We possess the empathy to want to help those in need, but not enough to actually help them.