Day 369: Nuclear Bomb In Syria?

So Syria is pretty screwed. Does anyone even know why they are fighting? Do they know why? Or are they so intent on holding on to the burning hatred they feel for each other?

What the rest of us, sitting all cosy in front of our computers, forget sometimes is that the fighting going on in Syria is fighting that is happening between human beings just like us. We call the events in Syria the natural expression of human nature (?!?!?!?!) - so it follows logically from that that we will all inevitably end up trying to kill each other.

Unfortunately, that is the most likely scenario for all of our futures.

Either that, or governments will be overthrown by the rich and incorporated so that every human lives in bondage to profit and stuff. I almost might prefer nuclear fallout.

So, what the hell do we do now? It's not like we can ever change. I guess we just have to accept our fate - it is, after all, inevitable. It's our nature to fight and not be able to control ourselves. It's just who we are. God(s) made us this way. Seriously. We just can't ever change. Ever.

As if we have no will to move ourselves, to change. As if we can never communicate with each other as equals to resolve our differences and commit to a better life for everyone. As if we have no free choice. As if we have no freedom. As if we are being held under duress.

So long as we live and think this way it will be what we experience. As long as we define ourselves as these things and incapable of anything else, then we will only be these things - and nothing else. As long as we deliberately act to harm and abuse each other, we will be assholes.

The only way we will be able to stop, is to actually stop. The only way we will be able to explore and test what human nature really is, is when we actually start deliberately living that which we are no accustomed to. The only way we will see kindness and sharing in the world and within each other, is if we live how we would like to see others live. The only way we will be able to stop living from paycheck to paycheck, is by choosing to live in another way, together.