Day 348: STOP! In the Name of Money!

Britain's winters are getting colder because of melting Artic ice changing global weather patterns, the Met Office has claimed.
Forecasters are concerned that high levels of ice melt in the Arctic in recent years could be behind Britain’s increasingly bitter and longer winters.
The organisation’s leading climate change expert, Dr Julia Slingo, is to convene experts from around the world to establish whether this explains why Britain has been experiencing the coldest temperatures for almost 100 years.
Figures released yesterday revealed that the temperature in Aberdeenshire fell to -11.2 degrees Celsius on April 2 – this is the lowest recorded April temperature for almost 100 years.
The news comes just after it was revealed that Britain also experienced the coldest March since 1962.
Dr Slingo is concerned that shrinking sea ice in the Arctic could be responsible.
‘If this is how climate change could manifest itself, then we need to understand that as a matter of urgency,’ she told ITV News.
There are a number of theories as to how melting Arctic ice could affect British weather.
One view is that the warming of the Arctic has the effect of reducing the jet stream – the fast-moving river of warm air which controls our weather patterns – and that this could cause Britain to be subjected to longer periods of unmoving weather, such as the cold weather that has recently affected the country. - Mail Online

What good will carbon taxes do to the ever increasing pollution in our world? We throw money at all of our problems, as if its mere inclusion implies certain victory. A company is sued for negligence that results in someone dying, so they pay a fine. BP damn near destroys a big chunk of our oceans and pay a fine for their error.

We think that the bigger a fine is, the more sorry we are or the more serious the crime was - but what will that fine do to actually reverse the harm caused and prevent it from ever happening again? Not a whole lot. We have summits and conventions "in an attempt to lessen the damage we are doing" - but we hardly ever end up deciding on policies that will actually make a difference, and even if one such policy is tabled, most of the big boy representatives will refuse it. There is only one reason for this refusal: money. It will simply cost too much to implement changes that will really make a difference. As if destroying our planet is the cheap alternative.

You know what will make a difference?
  • Stopping all of the industries that create products and services that we don't actually need to live comfortably. Why should we have factories that are churning our plastic toys that break after a month?
  • Everyone not having to drive to work every day. 
  • Letting go of our belief that aesthetics and beauty is important
  • Making products properly so that they don't break as soon as the warranty runs out.
  • Not worrying about the cost of implementing the safest and least harmful possible options in every aspect of our production processes and lives. 
  • If every aspect of our lives was driven by 2 factors: doing what is required in order to live comfortably and sustainably, and enjoying life - instead of by money and survival. 
  • If our food was actually healthy - no more "junk food" like McDonald's which is based on "good prices" and time efficiency for the hurried human trying to survive the world. 
We live like teenagers, as if we will never die and as if there are no consequences for our actions. We act like spoiled brats, as if money will make our problems go away while at the same time not being willing to commit the money toward preventative measures. What will happen to our fancy lives if an ice age comes? Maybe we can pay it to go away.

Make no mistake, life does not turn out like in the movies, where some heroes save the day. There will be no drilling into the Earth to set it to spin again if we screw it up.