Day 318: Every Girl's Dream: Marry Rich & Divorce Young

There is an interesting new custom emerging in our wonderful society: little girls are now dreaming of being gold diggers when they grow up. It used to be that girls would fantasize of pleasant things, like being rescued by a prince and living happily ever after and the new Queen of Sheba...

The concept has been around for a long while, mothers telling their daughters to "marry well" and that the key to a successful life is marrying a wealthy man, regardless of his age, manners or predispositions. There is (was) also the interesting custom of parents paying another family so that their daughter can marry the other family's son. The bigger the dowry, the wealthier the groom's family is.

So I was watching some show and I noticed, not for the first time, how blatantly Hollywood is pushing the idea that marrying a rich man and then divorcing him and winning a huge settlement is the best way life could ever go for a female. Obviously it's just more of the same bullshit: be happy! Fulfill your dreams! Don't worry about other people! Fur is pretty! Ohh jewellry! Little animals are meant to be fashion accessories! Fashion is important! Shopping is fun! Friends are meant to be shallow! Worship celebrities! There is no such thing as poverty! Life is magical! Finding someone to love is the most important thing you can do! Who cares how our minds work! There is no such thing as human waste!

Kids watch TV. This means that they now think that the world works according to what they see... on TV. Obviously the crap on TV is not relevant to real life - but kids don't know this.

What's busy happening is the average human is being dummed down, like seriously. Our education systems are failing miserably and now we also have TV that turns us into self involved, flesh eating zombies. Also fashionistas. I am unable to ascertain which is worse.

Pretty soon we're going to be even more retarded than we are now. We won't mind that the rhino is extinct, or that the only place one can find wild animals is at the zoo, or that half the world (or more) still lives in poverty, or that rape is still happening, or that murder is still happening, or that the difference between the rich and the poor grows substantially every day, or that there is anything else to life other than our immediate desires.

The idea is that people who are too stupid to realise what's being done to them and around them will not fight back. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, doesn't it?