Day 267: 1 In 3 Adults Use Drugs

Based on an article in the Daily Mail on 11/01/2013 titled: One in three adults admits to using drugs.

One in three adults in South Africa use drugs regularly, as well as over 60% of school children are able to buy drugs at school.

What drives so many people to the escapism of regular drug use? Isn't the world a beautiful and magical place and isn't life a fabutastic gift to be loved and enjoyed and honoured? Why would anyone want to distort the experience of life that our Creator (whosoever he/she/it may be) so carefully and considerately designed for us? Isn't that like blasphemy? Everyone is always telling me that life is beautiful and that I shouldn't be trying to change the world because it is the way it is and can and will never change because that's just the way it is. Isn't drug-taking a statement of "Life isn't pleasant enough for me, I want to go to my happy place"?

Apparently the age group that is increasing in drug use is 22 - 35.

So one third of adults would rather trip on drugs than face the fact that life is shitty for most of us and that no one does anything to change it even though we are the ones who determine how we live. That's a little sad, isn't it? Ok, ok - it's A LOT sad. We would rather live in imaginary worlds than face the mess we create in the real world.

We have given so much attention to the insignificant, to the superficial, to the fantasy - that none of the real or important parts of our lives get any more attention. What is real is that we live on a planet with other people and beings and that we are responsible for assisting and decreasing suffering whenever we are able to. What is real is that we are destroying our planet and that we must take drastic measures to ensure that the destruction is stopped and that the healing can begin. What is real is that not every child has a warm, safe or nurturing environment. What is real is that we have made the lives of countless animals a living hell for our own profit.

You tell me: what is more real in the moment when you are starving: paper money or food?

The only reason people take drugs is because their lives are not good enough: none of our lives can ever live up to the fairytales we were fed as children; none of our lives will live up to the fantasies we had as children. Our expectations for life are unrealistic, so we look for ways to make it better...


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