Day 266: Earth Is Trying To Kill Us - North America drought - Extreme heatwaves in Australia - Super flu strains - Unusually cold weather in Syria - Bizarre UK weather - Severe flooding in parts of Asia

Apparently, the last 12 or so months of bizarre and unusual weather across the globe is nothing to worry about and in no way indicates the imminent change of life as we know it. Here in South Africa, the weather has been unusual as well, we can experience 3 different seasons in one day. People everywhere are saying that we have never had weather like this - storms the likes of which few have ever seen are now happening on a global and increasing scale.

Call it global warming. Call it whatever you want - the fact is that the weather is becoming more and more dangerous on a large scale, which has only a few possible playouts: it's just a coincidence and will stop on its own; there is another ice age coming (due to natural and unavoidable causes) and most of us are about to die; or we have upset the balance of the world and it will only get worse, especially since we don't worry too much about doing anything to stop our exploitation and destruction. I mean, come on, who wouldn't prefer a short life of wealth (thanks to exploiting resources shamelessly) to a long life of boring comfort, contentedness and equality among humans.

I have been trying to figure out what the hell the general consensus is regarding "what to do to prevent all of our deaths due to planet becoming uninhabitable". It appears that many people are very concerned and are willing to do a few small things like donate, recycle, save energy etc to try and "lessen the burden on our planet" - anything more than these token acts of "caring" is simply too much to ask. What is sad is that in order to really make a difference, we will all be required to make substantial changes to our lifestyles and perceptions. It does not help to put out more rubbish bins - we need to decrease the rubbish and make it safe for the environments. It is not enough to turn off our water heaters, we must turn off the power to all the factories pumping out unnecessary and exploitative products and services. It is not enough to replace the politicians, we must replace the entire system. It is not enough to simply know what the problem is, we must actively work to test and apply solutions.

The signs are clear: we are destroying ourselves by destroying the only home we have. There is no planet B.