Day 259: Why Is Good Healthcare Not A Basic Human Right?

All brave Lily Willis will be hoping for in 2013 is the chance to walk on her own two feet.
The nine-year-old from Great Lumley, County Durham, has taken her first steps since having metal bones fitted in her right leg which grow.
Doctors had to take drastic action after they discovered a tumour called osteosarcoma in her leg after she came home from school limping.
Her entire knee, tibia and part of her femur had to be removed and rebuilt with stainless steel adjustable bones.
The operation took 14-hours to complete and Lily had to undergo a gruelling course of chemotherapy afterwards.
As she grows, a magnet will be placed around her leg which will allow doctors to lengthen the bones in her shin and thigh as required.
She has now been told she has beaten the cancer and has also managed to walk again for the first time.
Her family are looking forward to the New Year after the news was delivered by medics at the Great North Children's Hospital at Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary. - MailOnline

Why do we not guarantee good healthcare and health education to every human being?

Why do we demand payment for life saving treatments - or even treatments that will improve quality of life?

Why do we not give to every child the opportunity to develop in a healthy way, regardless of the means of their caretakers or the country they are born in?

Why do we segregate our healthcare into "good healthcare" for rich people and "not so good healthcare" for poor people?

Why is profit more important in the healthcare industry than healthcare?

Why do we allow for "poor healthcare" to even exist?

Why do we not investigate what foods and chemicals are healthy and which are healthy without bias?

Why do we promote food and chemicals that are harmful?

Why does the medical industry not promote the prevention instead of the cure?

Why does money determine who lives and who dies?

Why do we not change the system to support everyone?