Day 248: Why Can't Life Just Be Easy?

Why can't all of our lives be so simple and easy as just being happy without having to fight for it?

Why do we disgrace life so with our garish displays of apparent superiority?

Why do we continue to feed the idea that life should be difficult?

Why have we created an entire set of beliefs and justifications centered around why life is difficult?

Why do we just shrug our shoulders?

Why don't we challenge our ideas about life?

Why do we treat wealthy people like gods?

Why does money even matter?

Why can't we all just be happy?

Why do we have to beg for our survival?

Why do we allow substances that lead to abuse?

Why do we feel like life demands suffering?

Why do we passively accept and allow others to suffer even if we are in a position to stop their suffering?

Why do we believe that nature is flawless?

Why do we blindly accept nature as being the best manifestation and design, contrary to the experiences we witness and have where the designs of nature only serve to cause suffering?

Why does some life have more value than others?

Why does money decide which children have a happy and safe upbringing?

Why do we do nothing to improve our lives?