Day 245: Sandy Vs Hitler

The name Sandy seems to be an unlucky one for America, first the perfect storm pummels the East coast and then some crazy kid on antidepressants goes all commando on school children because his American Dream life of consumerism was "not good enough" or whatever. Poor kid, it's not even his fault he turned out that way, our society is a breeding ground for psychopaths and sociopaths - I don't know why we are still surprised at all the horrific things we are capable of.

The reality about  these "psychotic" people as products of our society, such as the Sandy shooting and Hitler, is that if it hadn't been those particular people, it would've just been some other people. Hitler didn't just magically appear as evil incarnate sent by the devil - he was a product of our society. He was the manifestation of all of the deepest and darkest thoughts of discrimination and inferiority vs superiority of every person - Hitler may have been the most honest human around at that time. The same goes for these kids going all nutty and shooting up schools: all of the suppressed resentment, rage, inferiority, thoughts of revenge, hopelessness, helplessness - for all beings in the world gets channeled through them and they simply do not have the tools or knowledge required to deal with these experiences and so, predictably, the experiences take control (in a sense) and things like the shootings happen.

Now I'm not saying that any of these events have been "good" or acceptable - I am actually saying the opposite. Our society is so screwed up that there are actually people who become monsters and there is almost nothing they themselves can do to stop, or even recognise that. These dark manifestations exist mostly because we have no idea how to direct our "inner selves", such as our thoughts and emotions, and these inner experiences mutate into twisted and ugly demons - unfortunately, without any other outlet, these "inner demons" must come out somewhere.These people have become our "scapegoat" to not have to deal with our own inner horrors - it is so much easier to blame it on someone else.

In order to heal our society and ourselves, we must look to these byproducts of our society as the absolute manifestation of all of our darkest experiences - and forgive ourselves. Trying to deny, wish away, ignore and attack these people as being "evil" only serves to further detach ourselves from the reality of our collective situation. As our society is now, it is quite simply, inevitable that there will be people that become the expression of our suppressed thoughts and emotions. We must face ourselves completely if we are to prevent these horrors from ever manifesting again.


  1. Agreed 100% thanks for sharing this, will add to my vlog.


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