Day 244: My Galactic Family

My Galactic Family is coming. I can feel them move ever closer. How do I know? I just do - we're connected like that. I've released my family here on Earth - they don't understand me, they don't know who I am and what it means to ascend. I know what it means, that's why I have been chosen to be taken from this world to a better world, where everything is made from rainbows and petals and everyone is positive all the time.

You see, this is what the world doesn't understand: all we need it to feel love and happiness and positivity and everything will become better. Children will have warm meals and beds, safe from harm; no one will rape or murder; animals will be respected and not abused; and everyone will be content and cared for - this is the power of positive thinking! I know it will work for the world because it has worked for me! We can save the world with happy thoughts!

The problem is that, the world is not catching on to the power of positive thinking, so I will have to leave my flesh family to join my true family. My flesh family would prefer to wallow in thoughts of hunger and desperation and this negativity is simply dragging me down. This is why I must leave. I have done my part in changing the world, my positive thoughts alone are simply not enough to change the world - and so it is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell. My new home will be one that supports and uplifts my creativity and energy so that I may fulfill my utmost potential.

I always knew that I was special in some way - enlightened. I have never resonated with violence or greed or any of the negative human expressions and energies - I have always loved love and happiness and creativity. I connect with animals and crystals glow in my presence. If I were to stay on this debilitating planet, I fear I would never reach my full potential. I have connected with my true family through our resonant communication pathways, etched into the night sky, and we have found each other to be like twins: similar, but unique. I have only ever met a few people here on Earth with whom I resonated well with, and we do gather on occasion to commune with our true family - it was through one of these communions that we discovered the date of arrival of our true family - and it is soon.

The ones I will be leaving behind may mourn me when I am gone, but I have done all I can to guide them to discover their self enlightenment and ascend from their negative beings into a positive and radiant energy. I am certain that my true family will do everything they can to help the poor ones left behind. They will be saved by my true family, this is why I do not fear for them. This is why I sit in my room at night, watching, waiting for them to finally arrive and take me away from here...


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