Day 243: Why Gold Standard Is Not Best For All

Some people ask: Why not base the currency on gold in an Equal Money System, would it not be the better alternative to the current bank-controlled note currency or to the improbable "life based value system" proposed by the Equal Money System? So I will discuss some of the reasons and officially open the topic for debate.

Gold is a finite resource - this in itself opens all sorts of doors for abuse and greed to infect us. The current manifested nature of human beings is to want what we can't have and to have more than everyone else. Having a gold standard will make letting go of this aspect of our natures that much more difficult. Yes, it would not be impossible, but it would still be a harder path that basing our economy's value on life. If we were to let go of our tendencies toward greed and superiority, it wouldn't really matter anyway whether our economy value was based on gold or paper notes. But...  wouldn't it be more pleasant to take the easier path, by reducing the opportunities for greed and superiority tendencies to manifest? Without stopping our current accepted natures of greed and superiority, it is certain that we will resort to abusing each other to get our grubby little hands on whatever money we were using, be it paper or gold.

As gold is a finite resource, there is a 99,99% chance that, if it were to be used as the basic value of our currency, that all of the "social evils" of today will still be present: poverty, inequality, control (to name only a few). Where there is a chance for a person(s) to seize control and enrich themselves at the cost of others, that person(s) will most likely grab that opportunity with both hands. Simply implementing a gold standard doesn't address and prevent the abuse of life - because gold will be seen as being more valuable than life. Gold is simply too vulnerable to being used in an abusive way as a currency - and if we are looking at the possibility of using it in an EMS, then it's more a case of it being a pointless endeavour. Gold has to be mined and refined, which is a dangerous process - why should we go to all that trouble when we could simply use digital numbers?

Basing our currency value on life would ensure that money can never be used as an excuse to abuse life - because that would essentially be the same as abusing money. Maybe that sounds a little round-a-bout, but you get my drift. No one would ever have to say "I am going hungry because I can't afford food", "My children will not be educated because I don't have enough money", "Equipment failed because corners were cut to save on costs". There would literally be nothing more valuable than life - us - and so everything would be done to ensure the best quality of life in order to fulfill that value.

If you are reading this, then I assume that your desire and goal is to make the world a better place for everyone. This is my desire and goal. The only way we will fulfill our desires is by working together and testing out what will be the option that is best for all, and for this we are required to let go of our personal values and opinions in order to ensure that we do not miss the best answer for all life. Gold has value because we give it value. The same goes for paper money, digital numbers and everything else in our world. If we were to give this value to ourselves and to each other, we would be giving ourselves and the world all of our dreams of peace, prosperity and safety.