Day 235: Word Of Christ

In the bible, Jesus is quoted as commanding the people to "Love thy neighbour as thyself" - and that aside from loving God, there is no other commandment greater.

It's safe to say that Christianity is a popular religion across the world. How is it then, that there is not more love in the world? How did the crusades come to pass? How is it that even Christian people commit rape, murder, torture, abuse - so many things that they would absolutely not wish upon themselves? Jesus taught that we should forgive ourselves and others, that we should live with consideration for others. How did the world become such a twisted mess?

Obviously, Jesus' message was wasted on us. The words and meanings are skewed and twisted to suit the needs of those who claim to be "Christians". How is it possible to turn something like "Love thy neighbour as thyself" into a self serving and abusive creed? I don't know exactly how, but it has been done many times.

In our minds, our acceptances and allowances are justified, because God created "imperfect" subjects who are born in sin. Obviously the entire concept of a higher being creating imperfect subjects, born in sin, but still "in His image" is ridiculous. The bible is filled with contradictions.

I wonder, did it ever occur to anyone that the bible does not contain the words of Jesus, or of God, but of a very sly and clever person who, knowingly or not, created the perfect system of enslavement? People are willing to believe that there is some "higher power" guiding our lives, and that we are ultimately not responsible for anything we do - so long as we follow the (hypocritical) teachings of the bible and "give ourselves over to God". So now we exist in a perfect system of helplessness, feeling incapable of moving ourselves out, because we are always waiting for a "miracle". We are willing to accept a world in which truly atrocious things take place - because we believe that we are not the ones responsible and that it is simply in our nature to be evil blood-sucking parasites, incapable of change.

How do we change the way we live? The first step would be to take responsibility for ourselves, and therefore for the world. We need to live the change we want to see in the world: the world is our charge, for we have declared ourselves the supreme rulers. We cannot be king of the castle and expect to just be taken care of by magical elves - we need to live as examples of the kind of neighbours and treatment we would like to see in the world. We need to treat others as we would like to be treated - in this way we shall find that life becomes much more enjoyable for every being here.