Day 214: People Can't Afford Heating While Corporations' Profits Rise

More Britons are resorting to using hot water bottles to keep warm in an attempt to save on heating costs. Unfortunately, the hot water bottles being used appear to be of poor quality, as the number of people requiring treatment for burns suffered due to exploding hot water bottles have been rising fast - and they are only a small portion of people actually affected, as many will not seek medical attention. Some of the burns are so serious that they require skin grafts.

We seem to be seeing many more stories these days of people acting in desperation because they simply cannot afford to live any other way. Why do we allow this when the elite are earning more than ever? Does the greed of these elite know no bounds? These people have so much money they could literally buy whole countries and still have a chunk left over. What in the world is there to buy when you already have everything?

The corporations are raising their prices so that the basic necessities in life are almost unreachable for many families - the elite are ensuring that more and more people will have to rely on the system as opposed to being independent, because that would mean having to share the resources of our home.

Think about it - the number of people able to afford private services and goods is falling and the quality of public goods and services is falling - that leaves us with a massive "lower class" unable to receive adequate basic living requirements which sinks them lower and lower into a state of dependency and helplessness. Not to mention the abysmal education provided to our children which only ensures that the children will grow up to be robots that follow orders and function within the confines of their programming, yet believing they are free.

There are such things as basic rights to life: water, food, shelter (including adequate protection from the elements), healthcare, sanitation, the freedom and opportunity to live independently, responsibly and within consideration of other life. And chocolate.

This is why I vote for an Equal Money System: It stipulates that the highest value is life, so that money will never cause the pain, suffering and lack that we know today. It will also ensure the end of elitism, authoritarianism, totalitarianism and a profit driven economy. Our world should be driven by enjoyment, not the fight to survive alongside some douche who owns a bunch of islands and private jets just 'cos he can. Every being is entitled to a life free from suffering and struggle when the planet is more than capable of supporting all of us (especially if we stop strip mining and being a general nuisance).