Day 211: I Did NOT Sign Up For This!

We are willing to force a lot of things onto animals for our own advancement, justifying it as acceptable because we are unable to communicate with them effectively and therefore block out their pain - 'cos hey, if they can't tell us about it in words then they don't experience it! We teach our kids to think of animals in 2 ways: as cute and fluffy, or as a means to an end (the end being somehow "improving" or facilitating human life).

We force them to compete, we terrorize them for entertainment, we experiment on them, we kill them for fun, we treat them like playthings. If we were to show our children the inside of a slaughter house, or show them how the competitions injure and stress the animals, or tell them how many animals have died to satisfy our curiosity, or how many animals are vivisected every day - they would not see us - their guides and teachers - in the same light. We would turn from being amazing into the monsters that hide under their beds. We are the ones who teach our children not to care, or to take pleasure from the pain and fear of others - could we not teach them instead to nurture and support animals, to communicate with them, to provide them with the opportunity to live dignified lives?

No living being should have a life forced upon them as the lives that we force onto the animals today. It is simply atrocious. There is simply no excuse. No amount of money in the world would tempt me to force this life onto my own child - if it is not a life we would want for ourselves or for our child, then we have absolutely no right, authority or claim to force it upon another, no matter how different the being may be from us or how little we are able to understand it.

All of these acts of horror can be stopped. We don't need to continue allowing them. I vote for an Equal Money System as it will stop the abuse of animals for profit and facilitate the education of those humans who mistreat animals as a part of their culture or entertainment. Join me and show your vote at


  1. Thanks for this activist blog series Cerise! Really cool stuff, vital to be exposed!


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