Day 207: The Falsities Of Fairytales

I was just watching the new Snow White movie, with that chick from Twilight (you know the one of which I speak) and aside from the overwhelming urge to attack my screen, I pondered on the ways in which we have been completely screwed by the whole industry of fairytales. Because of fairytales, none of us can ever be happy - at least not the "happily ever after" that gets mashed into our brains from infancy.

All girls want to be princesses and all boys want to be knights in shining armor (aside from the occasional witch and sorcerer - or whatever evil character - wannabes). We will never be happy until we find our "perfect partner" or "soul mate" or "the one" - because we will always be wondering and hoping that maybe, there is something better out there. Nothing will ever be good enough, because we are always wishing for a fantasy life in which we are the star of the show, the magical one who saves the world because of our innate amazingness and allure. Also we're amazingly attractive. With no pimples. Ever.

We may know that what we are dreaming of is impossible, but we still hang onto this ridiculous hope that maybe some day, some way, our dreams will come true. Obviously this affects the way we live, this hoping for a miracle. It is somewhat similar to the hope that some amazing and powerful entity or deity will come and save us all from each other / ourselves. So how does this actually affect our lives in a "negative" way?

Since we all secretly think that life and the world is magical, all we are concerned with is the fulfillment of our own, personal fairytales, because, obviously, the world will magically right all wrongs on its own and if we were to step in to support other beings out of misery and into a life of worth, we'd be detracting from our own life-movies of which we are the stars. That's all we want: to be the star of the show, the shining example of the magic in the world. This obviously ties into the whole elite system where everyone hopes and dreams to be one of the elite and so will do nothing to call out any abuse that may take place in order to keep the elite in their high and mighty positions.

Also, with the world being a magical place and all, every being who is living in suffering will be magically lifted from their miserable lives - maybe when I finally reach my destination, the place where I belong - at the top obviously. Maybe then I'll even consider giving some of my wealth to charities, because they are a part of the magic of the world what with their disappearing money trick.

Wake up from this dream - this life is as real as the hunger of every child and the loss of every mother when their child is taken too soon by a preventable ailment. Just because YOU don't FEEL what they feel, doesn't mean that it is ACCEPTABLE. It is time for real life solutions. Show your vote at