Day 196: Another Word For Ethnic Cleansing

Burma has seen an entire district razed to the ground in the most recent clashes between Buddhist and Muslims. This was sparked by the rape and murder of a Buddhist woman.

Ethnic cleansing is basically the forced removal of a particular social group of people from an area. The ones who would be most affected by being forced out of their homes would be women, children and the elderly - the ones who most likely did not rape and murder a Buddhist woman. So, why are they the ones who are suffering for what a minority has done? Why do those who are doing the "cleansing" believe that forcing women and children out of their homes is some kind of justice for a crime? Has no one told them that they are simply ensuring that the cycle of abuse will continue, that women will continue to be raped which will lead to retaliatory actions?

Emotions can be seductive, they draw you in and take you over so that you do and say things you might no do and say otherwise. The people who are "cleansing" their neighbourhoods of many women and children and only a few men have been consumed by their rage and hatred, it guides them to think, act and speak that which no one should ever think, act or speak. Acts such as these are what led to the Holocaust.

The people who are living in these situations are so immersed in their feuds, rivalries and traditions of hatred that there is no way that they can stop themselves - they need assistance and support. Obviously their government has no interest in providing any form of education or guidance - they are far too busy trying to line their own pockets with ill-gotten gains. Clearly their religious leaders do not attempt to sway them from their hatred-induced actions - the center of the conflict lies at the religious cores, so it is safe to say that if their religious leaders were to preach a different key, the followers would listen. These people do not have ready access to computers or the internet, so they are unable to educate themselves. So how, then, does one make a difference in situation such as this one?

By changing the way the entire system works. If we were to implement, or even show substantial support for a solution such as an Equal Money System, we could move from living either to survive or in greed to living with consideration of all of the beings we share this Earth with. In the end, we must live with ourselves and the choices we made.

I am one vote for living a life worthy of honour.