Day 195: 16 Tiger Cubs Rescued From Smuggling Truck

16 Tiger cubs were found in crates on a truck driving through Thailand bound for the border. Officials believe the cubs were meant to go to be chopped up for traditional Chinese medicine.

It's easy to forget about the things that happen in our world every day, we keep ourselves busy with trying to survive and for the lucky few, with trying to entertain ourselves. How we have deemed ourselves "keepers" of this world is beyond me - all we do is rip apart everything we can get our grubby hands on so that we can make a buck. We call ourselves "evolved" - but how does that make sense when we live for an imaginary value system which we allow to dictate what the state of the world will be and who and what will be ripped apart next to increase our apparent "worth". And what of the superstitions and religions which lead to animals, babies and adults being hacked into pieces to improve the life or well being of some other fucker that has enough money to pay for the "treatment".

The things we do in the name of life and in the name of money are despicable. Isn't it then common sense to stop the insanity and implement a new value system that will protect all life instead of just the ones who have lots of imaginary currency? Wouldn't this ensure that tiger cubs never get used for traditional medicine? Yes, obviously it would take time and patience to let go of the old value system and traditions, but our diligence and hard work would be a small price to pay for heaven on Earth - wouldn't you agree?

Maybe I am dreaming. At least I am not the only one. Many have dreamed before me, and many more will dream after me - The real question is though: how many of these dreamers will actually be willing to look past their own traditions to be able to envision and promote a life and system that would honour all life in all ways, always? Not many, I expect. Maybe there are few who feel what I feel - the pain and terror of animals being ripped from everything they have ever known to be carved up alive - because if you truly felt the pain of every innocent ripped apart for human profit then there would be many more that realize that this system of ours is the manifestation of Hell for many more beings than the few who live in Heaven. Real change must start with seeing this system for what it is: dysfunctional and beyond salvation.

We have the power to choose Heaven on Earth for all. What are you waiting for? Or are you just another dreamer who will never actually stand for the betterment of all?

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