Day 182: Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus

Is there a God? Does God exist? Can God hear me? Is God listening? Is there some divine plan for me? What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? Did God put me here for a reason? Does God love the rich more than the poor? Why does God send tornadoes and hurricanes toward us? Why does God allow suffering and abuse? Why did God make me look this way? Why do good people get cancer? Why doesn't God intervene on behalf of starving children? Why does one thing have to die in order for another to live?

Those are some very pertinent questions, for a crazy person. Isn't it that people who have imaginary friends in adulthood are termed as "totally bonkers"? Wouldn't the belief in a "higher power" that is directing all of our lives and is watching us all the time classify someone as a paranoid schizophrenic?

This just goes to show how easily we manipulate our perceptions to suit our needs. Lying is BAD - unless you do it for a good reason! Talking to dead people is impossible - unless you're an ordained priest. Asking questions is good - unless you question the way we live. Sharing is good, except when you really like your money.

We are hypocrites. We are contradictory. We are really, really stupid.We have an Obsession With Hope - unable to simply live within the practical, physical boundaries of our bodies and the Earth. Hope is used to continue the fairy tale lives happening in our heads, where everything is measured according to whether our desires were fulfilled or not. If our desires are fulfilled and we have satisfied the imagination, then we will be "happy". If our desires have not been fulfilled we wallow in depression, which is just another form of self indulgence, and feel "sad" - but even in this sadness and wallowing we are generating imaginary scenarios and fantasies in which the world revolves around ME.

One thing is certain: We have become very good at making ourselves right all the time. We are all expert justifiers and rationalizers, we can even turn abuse into a scenario in which we were "in the right".

We justify why we have hope as if without hope then there is no reason to carry on living - as if being alive is not enough of a reason. What good does hope or God or Jesus or religion do if it can't even feed all of the hungry children?

Break free from the chains of our mad society - just because all the other inmates are telling you not to change doesn't mean they are right.

The truth is that there is no justifying or rationalizing the world we have created. Investigate Equal Money to right the wrongs of our insanity.