Day 174: Did I Make The Right Choice

Within our cultures and society we have placed a lot of significance on the idea that there is some form of plan or order to our lives, some call it fate, others destiny and others still God's plan. We have it within our minds that our lives are preordained, whether it is a conscious belief or a subconscious assumption. For those who do not believe it outright, there is still a sense of "Is this the right choice/Is this what I am meant to do/Is this the right person for me" which is a form of hope within the person that there is some entity or force that is guiding their life. This belief of ours that our lives are "out of our hands" obviously allows us to pass on responsibility for our selves, our actions, our words and our thoughts - blaming whatever we like on whatever external source we believe is shaping our lives.

Especially now, in the Americanized and westernized cultures there is a great focus  placed on the idea that each person has a "soul mate" or a perfect match. The whole concept of a perfect partner for every person is severely misguided, for all that this idea brings is an excuse to end one relationship mainly because we have no idea how to actually commit to another person or how our minds and thoughts are capable of misleading us into energetic experiences of excitement vs boredom. We have been using the excuses of "this person is not the one for me" and "I am no longer in love with so-and-so" to simply give up and go looking for new energetic fixes within fresh new relationships. The truth is that most of us don't have a clue how to make a relationship function, or about the dynamics and considerations involved with honoring such a commitment.

Life, it seems, has become a never-ending search for the "ultimate" experiences: Find your "one true love", fulfill your dreams, be happy all the time - all the time we are searching for our next big fix, the next big thing - scuttling around, trying to keep entertained and stimulated. Maybe in an ideal world there would be nothing wrong with living like this, but this is far from an ideal world and we are now at the point where living selfishly is what is perpetuating the abuse and suffering around the globe.

How often do we hear people asking whether they are making the right choice - as if one choice is any better or worse than another. The bare reality is that the choices in themselves are not right or wrong - they simply are.What differentiates one choice from another is the consequences that will ultimately follow. We are so enveloped in our inner storms and whirlwinds that we cannot see our choices and their consequences clearly - everything we see is distorted by our inner turmoil and our programmed belief and thought systems. This obviously means that we live and choose simply to satisfy whatever urges and turmoil is most prevalent within ourselves.

For how long will we allow ourselves to be ruled by our deceptive moral compasses? The fact that we do nothing to improve the lives of others is evidence enough that our idea of right vs wrong and good vs evil are far off the mark - it seems that all of the "good" things are the ones that benefit ME and all of the "evil" things are the ones that are detrimental to ME.

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