Day 160: Love Is In The Air

The concept of love is a central one to our society - maybe not in every country around the world, but mainstream media coming out of USA and Europe is slowly changing this. Who knows what love may have been like 100 or 200 years ago, but evidence seems to suggest that the way we express love today was not how it was always expressed in the past.

Love is a selfish state of being, for the most part. It involves our brains flooding our bloodstream with hormones and electrical charges that intensify the thoughts we have: "What will I do without him/her", "he/she is the most amazing person", "I can't imagine life without him/her" and so on and so forth. Every thought we have about someone or something we love involves ME as the primary subject - not the object being loved. All of our thoughts center around our experience relating to the someone or something, very few of our thoughts focus on what is best for the being we love. Parents say they want the best for their children, and from the confines of their life experience consisted of, they do the best they can (assuming they don't go out of their way to further educate themselves). BUT - the bare truth of today's parenting is that parents are more concerned with their own desires and welfare that they superimpose themselves onto their kids so that they can continue to truly believe that they have their child's best interests at heart.

For those of us without kids, we are always in search of the one and true love and princes and princesses from our childhood fairy tales. We become quite predictable when we do "fall in love": you don't know him/her like I do, No one knows me like he/she does, He/she is my sun and stars, He/she is the best lover, He/she can do no wrong, on and on it goes - until that initial burst of hormones fades away and we start to see the flaws within the person, and then we hate them or simply lose interest. We're all after that fix of the rush of a new romance - why else are so many people getting divorced. We all think that relationships are magical self-catering entities because of the movies we watch, no one realises that every day is a choice to walk with your partner.

The common practice has become to use marriage and kids and "phases" or "stages" of a relationship to try and keep it "fresh" - to stay in love. All of the people who are the role models to our kids are acting like complete invalids by crashing through relationships like they're in bumper cars, more concerned about getting a fix of romance than they are about developing a lasting commitment.

Love has become just another drug.

Real love is doing whatever is necessary to manifest the best for that which/whom you love, even if it will mean that they will hate you for the rest of their life. Real love is honouring your commitment and making the choice every moment to honour your partner. Real love is being honest with your partner, even when you are ashamed. Real love takes courage. Real love is living through the pain of every being alive, so that they do not live through it alone. Real love is universal and equal in that it is no greater and no less for any being.

It is time to stop hiding in this fallacy we call "love" and stand up for what is best for all life.

Real love awaits - in Equal Money