Day 159: Rich Get Richer, Poor Get Poorer

The 400 richest Americans got 13% richer in 2012. Their nett worth went up to $1.7 trillion. The average net worth of a member of Forbes 400 is the highest it's been in a decade at $4.2 billion.

Just think, while we are sitting at home, calculating whether we'll be able to pay all our bills and buy enough food, these guys are actually richer than they have been in years. Somehow, this doesn't quite add up. Think about it for a minute: $1.7 trillion, divided between 400 individual people... Yup, something is terribly wrong here.

This entire economic structure is the perfect setup for the elite to rule the world while the rest of us fight over scraps and try not to get kicked in the face. We watch these movies about oppression like The Matrix and V For Vendetta and we think to ourselves "well, aren't I glad that I have rights and freedom! The world will never get that bad!" - not realizing that we are already that bad, it's just not so in-your-face.

There are an estimated 20 - 30 million slaves in the world right now ( - I bet you didn't know, or even expect that. How many countries are currently experiencing some form of unrest or war? almost half of the countries in the world. Most of Africa, chunks of Asia, parts of South America - there are atrocities being committed daily and we don't even know it!

In the wealthier countries, people are becoming more and more psycho, killing animals, chewing faces off, raping, murdering, kids killing there family members - what's it going to take for us to realize that there is something terribly wrong with the way we live?

Fashion is more important in each of our lives than the lives of others. Getting laid is more important to us than stopping rape. Getting a boyfriend or girlfriend is more important than stopping domestic abuse. Living the dream is more important that training and educating people how to raise children so that they don't become monsters. Free choice is more important than educating ourselves about how to properly feed and care for our bodies. The right to do what ever we want is more important that creating a world in which everyone has the opportunity to live a full and happy life where each will have free choice as long as it doesn't abuse anyone or anything. Getting tiny dogs that we can dress up like princesses and put into our bags as a part of our WARdrobe is more important than educating people to communicate with and properly care for animals. Our diets are more important than creating a food production industry that doesn't abuse and that is actually healthy.

We are trapped and enslaved to our belief that we are free. How can we be free when we are not even willing to look outside the box and consider that the way we have always lived is not actually the best?

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