Day 154: Kill The Badgers!

The British government is implementing a distribution of Badger culling licenses which will allow farmers to shoot up to 70% of the Badgers in their area per year, for 4 years. This is all in attempt to reduce Bovine TB, even though scientists have warned the government that it is more likely to spread TB and cost more than actually doing any good - not even taking into consideration the murdering upwards of 100 000 badgers. If it's for profit is it still genocide?

Another senseless atrocity in the name of money.

All that stands in the way of the Profit Of Man best be wary, lest ye fall to Man's axe, gun, or big-ass-bomb.

I have an idea! Cull the humans! Oh wait, someone already thought of that.

What if the badgers were all little street children and they were spreading Bovine TB - do you think the government would cull them then? Do you think the scientists and activists would protest more strongly? Do you think the TB-spreading street children would prefer death by TB or death by gunshot wound/infection from gunshot wound?

Do you think Hitler would approve of the culling of badgers, or are they not Jewish enough?

Does genocide apply only to humans? Who makes that distinction? If animals are included, what would you call what an abattoir does? How much do we need to profit from death for it to not be genocide anymore, but an acceptable sacrifice on the dying's part?

We don't know much about the planet we live on and the balance it keeps. We are quite arrogant to think and act like we know what we're doing and what consequences our actions will have. How many nuclear disasters have we had already? How many do you think it will take for life on Earth to become impossible? How much toxic waste can we dump in the oceans and in holes in the ground before we've poisoned our food, water and air beyond repair?

Culling badgers is just one more badge on our devil suits. When we die, we will have much to atone for. The obvious question is: can we atone for what we've accepted and allowed to exist? Can we ever be forgiven? Can we ever forgive ourselves? I have a suspicion that we have passed the point of no return and will have to face every pain in the history of life on Earth caused by our utter disregard for life.

If you were to meet your maker today, you would tremble with the shame of your life, your thoughts, your words, your deeds. Lucky for you, there is no maker. There is only every single being you have abused. Every single consequence for every single thought you have allowed. Every single outflow of every single word you utter. We will all face ourselves and we will tremble with shame.

So, go on, cull the badgers. Just be prepared to look each one in the eye and explain to them exactly why you accepted and allowed your life to be directed by profit when you had an alternative that would abolish abuse in the name of money.

Equal Money