Day 150: iPhone 5 - Evolution Or Devolution?

A Chinese journalist went undercover at a Foxconn factory to uncover the process of the construction of the new iPhone 5. He discovered the lack of regard for people within the machine that was the Foxconn factory: forced to work for hours on end with no respite, cockroaches in their bedding, steel bars on their dormitory windows, lousy pay for overtime, high performance demand...

So my question is: are we evolving or devolving? Yeah, sure, we're making "better" gadgets, but at what cost? The value of life seems to be diminishing as we are seeing more and more abuses being uncovered in all aspects of society. We are reading stories in the news that seem to be becoming more and more horrifying.

Is evolution based solely on technological advancement? I don't think so. Evolution should be the furthering of constructive and beneficial developments in the technological realm and in the realm of basic decency and respect toward life. We seem to be moving in the opposite direction. Our technological advancements focus on exploitation and our level of respect and decency toward other life is dwindling by the minute. Something's gotta give here.

One would expect, in any other time and place, that people would want to be able to enjoy life and would use lessons learned by their ancestors to improve the quality of life for all - because that would improve the quality of life for each individual. How difficult would it be for us to stop focusing of destroying everything to make a quick buck an to start developing technology that is really useful and would actually make life better for everyone (and therefore ourselves)? Ooh! How about making things so that they last longer than the warranty?

Is the iPhone a sign of our progression into a society of respect and consideration for all, or is it just another dot on the road to fulfilling the "I" in each of our kIngdumbs? - I mean "kingdoms". The funny thing is that each and every ME is never fulfilled, because there is always something new and better to buy.

Imagine that everyone who develops weapons stops doing that and focuses rather on developing sustainable methods of producing all of those things we literally can't live without? How about if every factory producing trinkets and all of the little fashion fads that pass us by, stops making junk and starts making clothing enough for every child? What if every teacher who hated their job didn't have to do it anymore, which would spare countless generations of children the misery of sitting through a class where even the teacher doesn't want to be? Imagine if every teacher had to have at least one child of their own before being allowed to teach, so that the teacher could make sure that they treat every child as they would their own? What if every drug cartel/manufacturer didn't have to sell drugs to survive anymore, but could instead focus on educating themselves and contributing to the betterment of society?

All of these factors would require the abolition of a profit-based economy and a money-based value of life.

All of this is possible. Educate yourself. Equal Money System.


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