Day 142: Kids On Crack

This little almost-2-year-old was given methadone by his parents to keep him quiet - unfortunately he was given too much and subsequently died from the overdose. Medical examination showed that it was not the first time he was drugged by his parents. Welfare services failed to remove him from his parents care in the 50 opportunities they had.

Drugs are widely used by children and parents alike to numb out reality. Street kids sniff glue, poor kids smoke crack, teenagers sell kat to survive, parents shoot up and sniff up - it's safe to say that drugs have become an integral part of our society. People are either selling to survive, using to forget or using to outperform and it has become a big business. I am, of course, talking about illegal and legal drugs here - the legal ones just tend to make a bit more money a crew a lot more people over.

We are a society numbed. If it's not drugs then it's something else - TV, sports, money, fashion, cars, sex, alcohol, socializing, partying, politics, fighting, killing, bombing, shooting, speculating, buying, buying, buying.

We try to soothe our conscience by talking about how we need to "go green" to save the Earth, find alternative renewable energy sources and stop slave labour - but these are simply the side effects - the consequences of our deeper nature. What difference will all of our band-aids make when the problem lies with our very accepted and allowed nature? Parents teach their children to be exact copies of themselves and so the cycle continues - no one considers that in order to save the world and the life living upon it, we will have to face our deepest, darkest natures and make a choice to no longer accept and allow that nature to be the director of our lives. Energy-saver light bulbs won't stop the world's fossil fuels being exhausted - stopping the drive for profit will stop the world's fossil fuels from being exhausted.

Heaven on Earth is possible. We must choose to implement it, which means that we must choose to live a new nature. We must learn to care for our children in a way that will best serve their interests and the interests of all life - not our own desires and beliefs. Many argue that culture (CULT-U-R) and religion (RELI-ON) define us and shape us - and they most certainly do - but take a look in the mirror, look at your fellow man: do you see a reflection that honours life above all else? Do you see a reflection that shows consideration and compassion to each and every life form as they would their own child? Do you see a reflection that loves thy neighbour as thy brother? Do you see a reflection that ensures that life is valued above all else?

Many say that we are flawed, and we are - but willingly so. We must now will ourselves to be better.

Investigate Equal Money as the vehicle to implement Heaven on Earth.