Day 133: Dying To Get Away

A stowaway from Cape Town was found dead in a plane's wheel housing after the plane landed at London Heathrow.

What does an incident such as this one tell us about our world, about our society? At first glance, there are 2 possible reasons someone would risk life and limb to sneak into the landing wheel housing of a plane: the first is that they are trying to escape something from their previous global positioning, such as poverty, crime, police, etc; the second possibility is that they wanted to "have fun" and either couldn't afford buying a ticket and going through the VISA process or they thought that sneaking into a plane was the fun.

Both of these possible reasons could have been avoided entirely if money wasn't the one controlling factor of each of our lives. In response to the first possibility: The reason for wanting to escape would simply not exist if there was no poverty or crime. In response to the second possibility: traveling is currently a luxury afforded only to those who have the money to pay for it, so without money as it is now we would all be able to travel if we so choose it - OR if the stowaway was an adrenaline junkie - there would have been no thrill sneaking onto a plane that does not restrict who may board and who may not.

So basically, our society places more value in money than life.

Now maybe you're thinking I'm allowing too much fantasy into this story telling, that there is no way that we would ever allow anyone to go and travel anywhere without paying for it - but let me ask you this: is that not the choice you would want to be available for yourself and your family? Why is it so impossible to imagine a world in which we give freely to others that which we would like to be freely given unto us? Why must we pay to survive in a system that is rigged to support the elite few and squeeze the joy from the lives of the many? Would you not want a life for your children in which they would not have to worry about money? Would you not want a life for your children where they can do and learn and become proficient in the things they love as opposed to the things that will allow them to survive this brutal world?

I forgive myself for not realizing that in order for each of us to live a life of true freedom, self expression and joy we must first be willing to share and give freely to all those who live by our side on this, our home, planet Earth.

I forgive myself for not realizing that so many tragedies could be averted if we no longer forced ourselves to depend on money in order to survive.

I forgive myself for not realizing that we have been and still do support this system in its continued existence of placing more value in money than in life.

I commit myself to live as an example of sharing and giving that which I would want to receive.

I commit myself to show people how every tragedy's source and rasion d'etre is money.

I commit myself to show people that we have the choice to no longer accept and allow this system of abuse to continue.