Day 130: How Dare You Inconvenience ME?!?

According to my Research in Social Sciences course, there is a direct correlation between wealth and conservatism: it seems that wealthy people are more concerned with not changing anything in their world (obviously because they already have everything they want). There is also a correlation between wealth and opposing social welfare.

So in the article linked above, rich people were harassing construction workers who were improving their water supply lines - which of course necessitated that the road over the water lines be closed, causing the motorists to take a (slightly longer) alternate route. Sufficient advanced warning was given to residents by their local authority, but some of the people became so agitated by the road closure that they proceeded to harass the workers so badly that the workers, who once loved their job, now dreaded going to work and even considered quitting.

The workers claimed that they had never received such ill-treatment, even in the poorest and most dangerous of neighborhoods.

So what does this tell us of how money affects human nature?

People become so used to fulfilling their every desire timeously, that  any delay to their Gimme Monster's (the inner demon that says gimme this! gimme that! gimme everything!) wishes and desires being granted, causes the Gimme Monster to turn into the Gimme Demon and do whatever it feels is necessary to get its own way.

Normally the wealthy use their money to get what they want, such as getting their children off on a murder charge, or covering up harmful activities or actions caused by their company - but it is not uncommon to hear of extreme actions taken by the wealthy to secure their desires - and it is very probably more common to not hear about their extreme actions.

So rich people very seldom don't get what they want - but at what cost?

Their actions are completely selfish and are only ever self serving, but they will never face the consequences because they are living the dream - the life that all of us petty mortals long to lead. Our desire to be one of the rich is what is used to ensure that the rich will always have absolute control and power over the outcomes of this world and its inhabitants.

The acceptance and allowance of the idea of wealth is the doorway that leads to all of the abuse and horrors of this world - as wealth is currently based on fulfilling selfish desires without a moment's consideration of those who may be less fortunate (or the opposite of fortunate - doomed?). This disregard for anything but self allows humanity to commit atrocities, as all is done in the name of ME.