Day 118: Richest Town In "Communist" China

Communism is based on all property, land , resources etc being publicly owned, right? So how come there are rich people in communist states? According to the basic premise, everyone should be "free from oppression and scarcity" and there should be no class divisions (rich, middle, poor). So how did it come to be that the communist countries seem to be more like corporations than "communist countries"?

In a company, the higher up the ladder you are, the higher your salary will be and the more benefits you will have. The lower down you are the less money you will make and the less benefits you will receive - BUT you are still a "part of the family (company)" and are therefore still looked after (kind of).

So, China is apparently using Marxist-Leninism. If this is the case, Marxist-Leninism is stupid.

This is an extract from the Marxist-Leninism section on Wikipedia:

"The purpose of a Leninist revolutionary vanguard party is the forceful deposition of the incumbent government; assume power (as agent of the proletariat) and establish the dictatorship of the proletariat. Moreover, as the government, the vanguard party must educate the proletariat—to dispel the societal false consciousness of religion and nationalism that are culturally instilled by the bourgeoisie in facilitating exploitation, and to instil the material scientific outlook of the world and the sense of proletarian internationalism"

Sounds a bit iffy to me. Also does not appear to gel so well with what China has going on.

Anyway, back to my original point: every Communist application in the world thus far has failed miserably, even at just ensuring basic rights to the people. Yet somehow, people still think that communism could work. "If it's done the right way" or "if they would only do this and that and this..." or "it is not time for revolution yet!" and so on and so forth. Yet it always comes back to the idea that the "idea" of communism should work or would work only if blah di blah - the fact is that it doesn't work in reality. Too much power always ends up going to a small minority and they take full advantage. Then there is suddenly a really wealthy little town that uses helicopters as taxis and then everyone wonders "how did that happen?".

None of these communist ideas take into consideration that humans are pretty much evil and that changing human nature will take some serious doing and forgiveness. Have you ever wondered why it is that those who are already filthy rich will work so hard and cause so much harm to make more money that they don't even need? Hmmm. That is human nature, it seems.

The reality of our situation is that no one wants to change, because that would mean "losing" their money, which would mean losing their identity, because we have all defined ourselves and shaped our lives around the existence of money. The fact that we will allow others to starve because of it is what is truly evil about our nature.

Communists are basically just religious people - Communism is their religion and their God is the idea of revolution/the fantasy or whatever, but like religion, it is simply something to believe in and shape one's self image according to - none of the communists realize that the plans and ideas of communism are just as flawed as capitalism as they do not take every aspect of the equation into consideration, such as the human aspects of greed, jealousy, fear, self interest - which have, up until now, been the controlling and deciding factors of our entire history and all of our lives.

Communism is just a fantasy, never able to quite break through into reality.

Investigate an Equal Money System as a Global Solution. Educate yourself and develop self discipline to become a human who truly cares by living according to what is best for all life.