Day 94: Light Vs. Dark

All humans are born free and equal in rights and dignity - Article 1 from the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948).

We have created a funny world. Not 'funny - haha', but 'funny - twisted/nonsensical/hard to understand' kind of funny.

  • We go to war "for peace". 
  • So-called activists declare "war on poverty", "fight poverty" ( and blame politicians and rich dudes for poverty.
  • We declare all humans to be equal and yet not one society, community, country, family, religion, or even career exists in which each and every human is considered equal. 
  • There are people so rich that they literally have bought everything anyone has ever wanted, including getting away with crimes that other people would go to prison for while, at the same time, there are people so poor that they cannot feed themselves - and even if they could it wouldn't matter because there is no food in their town/city/province/country while, at the same time, the "richer countries" throw out one third of their food - uneaten.
  • We destroy the planet to increase the amount of zero's in our bank accounts OR for the lucky few who are able, to buy a whole bunch of stuff that no one really needs - we just like to think we need it.
  • The more money you have, the more rights you can buy for yourself
  • Watching movies of other people having sex for money is now such a popular pastime that there is an entire industry making buttloads of money making the movies.
  • There are a bunch of people who torture other people or animals because they like it.
  • We believe the economy has a will of its own, kind of like a giant ghost, or God, or a manatee and does whatever it wants, when it wants. We are, of course, powerless to stop or direct it - which is kind of odd, seeing as how we created it. But then again, how often does one hear the story of the child overthrowing the parent and fucking shit up...
  • We pretend to be nice to people so that they will give us money or not not give us money.
  • We need to buy our survival with inanimate objects whose only value is the imaginary value we give them. And also numbers on a computer screen/paper/whatever.

  • We legalise a substance that affects people more drastically than most illegal substances and is the cause of many deaths the world over because... ummm, I'm not really sure. I have no idea why alcohol is legal. OK - I googled it - and the answer is, big surprise..... money. Alcohol (and tobacco) make lots of money for some people.
  • We make and listen to music that's all about sex: "please have sex with me", "I want to court you so that you will please have sex with me.", "wow you look so hot I want to have sex with you", "i think about you all the time (let's have sex)", "I love you so much, let's have sex", "why did you stop having sex with me", "I'm so cool I can have sex with anyone", "I wish I could have sex with that person", "I think we should stop having sex", I'm sure there are more, sex is everywhere these days.
  • We are obsessed with fairytales and fantasies to the degree that we can't develop functional, realistic and supportive relationships as we are constantly trying to fulfill the desire-filled pictures in our heads.
  • We will ignore a being in distress if we are too busy to stop.
  • Some of us believe that there is a man (or woman) in the sky, watching and directing our lives. I will say nothing further on this particular point.
  • There are a bunch of cultures that mutilate people and animals based on superstitions. They really and truly believe in what they do.
  • We kill animals for acting according to their natures (they should return the favour).
  • We are more interested in maintaining our delusional happiness that we will willfully block out any thing that threatens our happiness (why should I do something about it, I'm just trying to live my life and be happy).
  • We find ways to justify poverty and suffering.
  • I have written a list this long already.
Well kids, it's safe to say we've screwed the pooch pretty bad. Now, if you read this and intend on saying "hah! that's so true!" and then continuing on with your life like nothing happened, *kick* - I hope you have recurring nightmares, every time you close your eyes, of being some poor, pathetic creature somewhere in the world suffering due to our evil nature. In fact, I curse you. I hope the nightmares get so bad that you go crazy and jump off a really high building, survive the fall only to live the rest of your life, paralyzed in a bed so that there is no escaping the nightmares. Or, that you investigate a real global solution, like Equal Money. How about just starting with changing your own life by investigating how the system really works. You have internet access - go, now! - I is seriously


  1. I enjoyed your expression, thanks

  2. Well said. Time to investigate and implement solutions already, way past due


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